Region 8 Association

Regional Performance Innovative Consortium (RPIC)

The Region 8 Regional Performance Innovation Consortium (RPIC), is a successful collaboration between the Community Action State Associations who serve all CSBG-eligible entities in the states of: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

The Region 8 RPIC in currently in its sixth year and has been a successful collaboration since its inception. Community Action Partnership of North Dakota will continue to serve as the lead agency as it has since the collaboration began. The participating State Associations will build upon the work they’ve completed which enhanced the service delivery and strengthened the capacity of the CSBG-eligible entities in their states. The continuation of work to be completed within Region 8 is detailed and includes specific timelines along with measurable goals and objectives. The goals of the 2016 RPIC work are to: maximize and align T/TA resources across State CSBG Lead Agencies, State Associations, CSBG- eligible entities, and National technical assistance grantees to meet the needs of the CSBG Network in each state; help State CSBG Lead Agencies and CSBG- eligible entities implement, meet and exceed organizational performance standards; encourage a learning culture that embeds ROMA Next Generation in State CSBG Lead Agencies, State Associations, and CSBG-eligible entities in the region, and disseminate information in a timely manner to all State CSBG Lead Agencies, State Associations, and CSBG-eligible entities in the region.

8 RPIC will be also focusing on the development of a coordinated regional T/TA plan utilizing resources from all National Partners via the Centers of Excellence. Identified needs to include in the coordinated regional plan include, but are not limited to: increasing the number of certified ROMA Implementers, ROMA Trainers and Master Trainers; enhancing the capacity of the Region 8 Board of Directors to assist in the successful implementation of the coordinated regional plan; conducting needs assessments, strategic planning, understanding risk assessment, tri-partite board requirements and governance; OMB Super Circular; and outcome reporting on CSBG funding. All State Associations are committed to leading the charge for the consortium and building on its existing strengths to ultimately empower the low-income citizens across the region. Region 8 has already seen vast improvement in collaboration and information sharing as a result of the RPIC.

Region 8 & 10 Community Action Conference

Every year, a different state in the Region 8 and 10 network hosts the Regional Community Action Conference. This year, we are lucky to host the conference in our home state of North Dakota!

We work tirelessly throughout the year leading up to the Regions 8 and 10 Community Action Conference to develop a program tailored to your needs and interests. Here’s a sneak peak at what we have in store for you this year:

  • 4 group sessions, each with high-profile speakers from our national network who will pique your curiosity and make you eager to learn more.
  • More than 30 breakout sessions that will make you look forward to going back home to implement what you learn, including a specialized Weatherization track.
  • Several afternoon-long capacity-building workshops, which offer in-depth, hands-on training on issue areas and competency areas you’ve told us you want to learn more about.
  • Special networking events, including a reception with great food, conversation, and raffle drawings.

With three action-packed days, the 2017 Regions 8 and 10 Community Action Conference offers endless possibilities for you to design the ideal Conference experience. For more details, visit the At-A-Glance Page.

If you envision a nation where everyone has the opportunity to build self-sufficiency, then this conference is the can’t-miss event for you. The Regions 8 and 10 Community Action Conference brings together a diverse range of professionals working to boost self-sufficiency among individuals, families, communities and the nation. All Community Action staff from Regions 8 and 10, including program managers and administrators, front-line staff, case workers, executive directors, weatherization, fiscal, and board members are encouraged to attend. Policy makers, partner agencies, and anyone interested in poverty and professional networking opportunities are also invited and welcome to attend.

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  • National Community Action Foundation
  • Community Action Program Legal Services