Self Reliance Case Management - Williston/Dickinson
Self Reliance Case Management consists of a variety of services all designed to improve the standard of living and help promote the self-sufficiency of low-income individuals. These services include:

  • Money management
  • Budget Planning
  • Community resource information
  • Furthering Education
  • Goal planning
  • Career exploration
  • Resume writing
  • Training and practice for job interviews
  • Support and Encouragement

Under the program the case manager works with the individual to identify what will make their lives better and then identify the steps that need to be taken to achieve that major goal. The case manager encourages, provides information, gives guidance; but ultimately it is up to the individual to do the work and actually make the changes.

Individual Development Accounts - Williston/Dickinson
IDA’s are special matched savings accounts designed to help families and individuals of modest means establish a pattern of regular savings, and ultimately, purchase a productive asset. A productive asset is something of value that is likely to return substantial long-term benefits to its owner- benefits like security, stability, and opportunities for increased income. Participants may use their savings and match money toward any of three assets: a home, a small business, or a post-secondary education. Participants are able to save up to $2,000.00 for a match of $4,000.00. If the max is saved, the participant receives a total of $6,000.00 to use for the asset purchase. 

Representative Payee Case Management - Williston/Dickinson
Managing personal finances is the key within this program. The typical client is a person with a disability who receives a monthly Social Security benefit. It has been determined either by Social Security, the client’s family, or the client him/herself that they are incapable of handling their money. Typically a checking and savings account are set up through CAP. Staff works with each client to establish a monthly budget, pay the monthly bills and provide the client with spending money. It is the agency’s responsibility to ensure that the basic needs of the clients are met – housing, heat and food.

Senior Companion Program - Williston
Senior Companions are volunteers age 60 and over who provide assistance and friendship to seniors and other individuals who have difficulty with daily living tasks. The service they provide helps others live independently in their homes instead of moving to expensive institutional care. Senior Companions meet income eligibility requirements and earn a small tax-free stipend. The individuals helped by Senior Companions do not have to meet income guidelines. Individuals eligible for services can receive assistance with important daily living tasks, encouragement to remain active, a watchful eye to notice when they need extra care and friendship that can last a life time.

Homebuyers Education - Williston/Dickinson
Community Action collaborates with area lenders and real estate agents to present this Fannie Mae developed curriculum.  Other area professionals are used to cover budgeting, looking for a home, maintenance, insurance, appraisals and the closing process.  The course is held once each spring. Materials for the self-study course are also available.

Income Tax Assistance - Williston/Dickinson
This is a free tax preparation service for low-income individuals, individuals with a disability and elderly. Returns are electronically filed. This is a basic service and cannot deal with complicated returns such as self-employment, business and complicated deductions.

Housing Counseling - Williston/Dickinson
This program provides information about low-income housing programs and counseling services for mortgage default, rental delinquency, pre-purchase and pre-rental agreements.  This is available to all homeowners/renters regardless of income level.

Medication Access Program (MAP) - Dickinson
The Medication Access Program (MAP) was developed to assist lower income individuals in finding and applying for free to low-cost medication programs offered by existing pharmaceutical companies. The program does not pay for medications, reimburse for past medical expenses, or dispense medications - we act as a link between the patient and the pharmaceutical company.  There is a $30.00 quarterly fee for this program.  The fee is due to a cut in a grant funding and helps pay for staff time, phone calls, postage, paper, etc.  The quarterly fee must be included along with the signed contract in order to participate in the program.  A copy of the contract can be found below.

The process of getting medications can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks from the time applications are sent to the company.

Each company has its own verifications required to participate in their patient assistance programs. Some of the common verifications needed are:

Verification of ALL income (W2's, pay stubs, etc.)
Verification of health insurance (if applicable)  
List of Medications
Office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 A.M. to Noon and 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Emergency Services - Williston/Dickinson
CAP provides services to assist individuals or families in emergency situations. Agency staff work closely with community agencies throughout western North Dakota. CAP programs have various income guidelines, restrictions and limited funding. Emergency Services include:

Rental Assistance - Williston, Dickinson
Limited assistance is available for monthly rent on an emergency basis. CAP does not provide permanent and on-going assistance for rent. We may help with one month's back rent to help prevent eviction or a first-month’s  rent to assist individuals into a permanent housing. Availability of this service depends on availability of funds.

Rental Security Deposit - Williston/Dickinson
Security Deposits are available to income qualified individuals. Potential renters must not have signed a lease or moved in prior to completing application process with CAP. Security Deposits are limited to one per household per life time. The rent for the property must not exceed 30 percent of the household income. The property must also pass inspection by the agency.

Energy Share (Utilities) - Williston/Dickinson
This program addresses issues with a household's gas/electric bills. Qualified individuals must be qualified for Fuel Assistance under their county Social Service Office. CAP may pay a percentage of the past 90 day electric bill. Fuel Assistance pays for the gas/heating portion of your energy bill.

Budget Counseling - Williston/Dickinson
Management of personal finances is the goal of this program.  Individuals and families have an opportunity to work with staff to identify how they are spending their money and assist them in planning and implementing options to bring them to a balanced monthly budget.  Staff may be able to negotiate with credit card companies in reducing interest rates and monthly payments.

Food Pantry Referrals - Dickinson
CAP authorizes referrals for individuals facing financial crisis to the AMEN Food Pantry in Dickinson. Referrals are limited to once every 30 days. The AMEN Food Pantry is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 4 p.m.

Senior Commodity Supplemental Food Program - Williston/Dickinson
This program distributes commodity foods to low income elderly households. The commodities are non-perishable food items that include fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, beans, pasta, etc. Participants receive one box and one bag of food every other month. To qualify individuals must be 60 years of age or older and be income eligible. Download Application Now!

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