Weatherization Programs & Services

The weatherization program helps income eligible people make their houses, mobile homes, and apartments energy efficient.  Staff use state of the art testing equipment to analyze their energy usage and purchase materials needed to reduce their energy costs while maintaining a comfort zone.  Furnaces are checked for safe operation and cleaned if needed.  Weatherization staff are experts at solving energy problems that may be overlooked by the occupant.

There is no charge for weatherization services for owners.  Landlords are requested to pay a percentage of the material installation cost for their rental property.

All clients must meet income eligibility guidelines to participate.  All work is subject to final inspection to assure quality workmanship and client satisfaction.

Church owned property is not eligible for weatherization services.

Furnace Repair/Replacement

Furnace repair provides emergency assistance to those households where the furnace has malfunctioned during the heating season.  Repairs can be made by our licensed CAA furnace technician or by a licensed heating contractor the household chooses.  Furnace replacements are considered when existing furnaces pose a health and safety threat to the family.

Rental property is not eligible for repairs or replacements by our agency.

HOME Rehabilitation

"HOME" housing rehabilitation is a program designed to improve the quality and extend the life of homes in the nine-county service area.

The program goals are to upgrade the electrical, sewer, & structural components of income-eligible homes to meet the Departments of Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 minimum standards for housing.  Assistance from other housing programs is encouraged.


  • Homes that can not be brought up to the HUD's minimum standards within the funding limits will not be assisted.
    Eligibility is determined by the income and family size of the household in each county.  All grant funds are mortgaged against the property for a period of five years and a portion is forgiven each year the owner stays in his home after the work is completed

Cooling Assistance

For more information contact 701-252-1821 or 800-726-8179.
TDD 800-366-6889.

  • Cooling assistance helps those who require a cooled space in their home during the summer months.  A medical verification is required and the household must meet income guidelines.  Equipment purchased for the house from local suppliers can be a window air conditioner, ceiling fan, or repairing the existing cooling equipment.  Electrical upgrading of the house for cooling equipment to run properly is also eligible.

  • National CAP
  • National Community Action Foundation
  • Community Action Program Legal Services