Housing Counseling: Community Action is a certified housing counseling agency. Our housing counseling program assists clients in solving their housing problems. Counseling is provided to homeowners, renters, and individuals that are homeless. Counseling activities include pre-purchase, post purchase, mortgage delinquency and default resolution, and renter counseling.

HOME Rehabilitation Program: Community Action rehabilitates income-eligible homes through the HOME Rehabilitation Program. Applicants must be homeowners. Rehabilitation may include electrical, plumbing, roofing, and repairs needed to bring the home up to Housing Quality Standards and North Dakota HOME Standards.

Rent and Mortgage Assistance: Community Action provides assistance for first month’s rent, past-due rent, and past due mortgage to low-income individuals experiencing a housing crisis. The applicants must be income-eligible and must have ongoing income that will enable them to keep their rent current.

Security Deposit Assistance: Community Action provides assistance to pay a security deposit on a house, mobile home, or apartment for income-eligible individuals.  The unit must pass a Housing Quality Standard inspection and the lease must be reviewed for prohibited lease terms.  The applicants must be income-eligible and must have ongoing income that is sufficient to keep their rent current in the future. The maximum security deposit allowed is the fair market rent for the particular housing unit.  

Affordable Housing Developers, Inc.(AHDI):  AHDI is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to the creation and preservation of decent, safe, affordable homes for all who live in western North Dakota.  AHDI plays a variety  of roles in the development of affordable housing to include planning, development, financing, management, partnerships, and technical assistance.

For more information on housing programs contact Janell at (701) 839-7221 or janell@capminotregion.org

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