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The Community Action Partnership of North Dakota serves the collective interests of its members and the low-income population of the state through representation and education.

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  • Volunteers Needed for Wilder Survey

    On Thursday, October 22nd there will be a Wilder Survey of Homelessness conducted throughout the state of Minnesota and within the Fargo-Moorhead community. This survey is an in-depth look at the demographics and root causes of homelessness in our community, and is critically important for assessing the need for services, grant writing, and program planning within the non-profit and faith communities locally. This is a large undertaking, and in order for it to be done successfully and thoroughly, we rely on volunteers to help throughout the day to interview the homeless individuals coming in to sites across town. I am seeking volunteers to sign up for shifts to conduct the Wilder Survey. Please consider giving of your time to help out in this important event. It is a truly powerful experience to conduct these surveys and hear people’s stories. It not only provides valuable information to service providers, but also gives them an opportunity to be heard by someone who cares about their life experience. I encourage you to participate in this volunteer experience if you are able!

    There are two hour shifts that you can sign up for. We will assess the need for volunteers at each of the sites around Fargo and Moorhead, and assign people to the sites as needed, and will be in touch with you to let you know of your site assignment. There will be a site coordinator at each location who will be your contact person during your volunteer shift, and we will let you know who that will be for your assigned site. There is a volunteer training and we will have opportunities to do this in person or online via a youtube video. We need a significant number of people to be adequately staffed, so please consider forwarding this message on to any friends, family or coworkers who may be interested in volunteering as well! Here is the link to register:

  • October 10 is World Mental Health Day

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