2021 Community Action Board Member Training

2021 Community Action Board Member Training

Why Board Training?

Community Action Agencies are each governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Community Action Partnership of North Dakota, in conjunction with the North Dakota Department of Commerce, is committed to educating and training Board members.  We know this investment in leadership is important and trainings will help Board members gain the appropriate tools to assist them in the Board room.

Board trainings ensure members are current on their roles and responsibilities and have confidence in their leadership abilities while lending their expertise and knowledge to our network.  On-going training is vital and makes our CAA Boards informed, knowledgeable, and strong. 

2022 Community Action Board Member Training Schedule

2021 Community Action Board Member Training

Additional Resources for Board Members

CAPLAW: Tools for Top-Notch CAAs: A Practical Approach to Governance and Financial Excellence

This six-section toolkit is intended to assist boards and management in their collaborative efforts to build well-governed and effective Community Action Agencies (CAAs). The toolkit includes case scenarios and examples to help you understand and apply the principles discussed. And, many of the sections provide sample documents that CAAs can use as a starting point for developing their own policies.

The toolkit addresses how to:

  • Conduct and maintain minutes for board meetings;
  • Build financial capacity through hiring of skilled financial staff and effective audits;
  • Prepare organization-wide budgets;
  • Get the most out of financial statements;
  • Address conflicts of interest; and
  • Draft and implement effective whistleblower policies.

Source: CAPLAW

  • National CAP
  • National Community Action Foundation
  • Community Action Program Legal Services