Service Area

Community Action Region VI is one of seven Community Action Agencies operating in North Dakota and serves the following counties: Barnes, Dickey, Foster, Griggs, LaMoure, Logan, McIntosh, Stutsman, and Wells

Our Mission

Community Action Region VI will provide comprehensive programs and services to meet the needs of the communities it serves. We will advocate for people in need and provide opportunities to improve their quality of life. Programs and services will be expanded as indicated by community needs. High quality programs remain a priority. The agency will be a recognized valuable resource to communities.

CAP Region VI Programs & Services

  • Early Head Start

    Early Head Start is a program for income-eligible infants and toddlers (0-3), pregnant women, and their families.  Services are also provided for pregnant teens.

    We provide early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive child development and family support services on a year round basis.  Early Head Start enhances children's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development, supports parents efforts to fulfill their parental roles, and assists families in moving toward self-sufficiency.

    Services include: Home Visitation, Center Child Care, Prenatal Curriculum/Services, Child Development, Health/Wellness Tracking, Education, Parenting Education, and Family Services.

    For more information contact 701-252-1821 or 800-726-8179.

  • Emergency Services

    Should an emergency arise that you need assistance with, please contact our office and we will attempt to assist you in finding a solution.

    For more information contact 701-252-1821 or 800-726-8179.

  • Energy Share

    What's Energy Share all about?

    In the spirit of "people helping people," Energy Share is a nonprofit program to help fellow North Dakotans with emergency home energy needs. Seniors, the handicapped, and those on fixed income may face some tough choices. Energy Share is a "last resort" fund to help those less fortunate who have no other choices.

    How can Energy Share help?

    Energy Share funds focus on emergency household energy bill obligations not covered by other assistance programs. Energy Share will not duplicate other assistance programs.

    Who can Energy Share help?

    Since Energy Share is an emergency fund, people may apply for help after all other potential resources have been exhausted.

    How can people apply?

    If you know of someone who might be helped by Energy Share of North Dakota, just call your local Community Action Agency.

    For more information contact 701-252-1821 or 800-726-8179.
    TDD 800-366-6889.

  • Financial Counseling

    Community Action provides free financial counseling services to help clients develop money management techniques and assists them in working with their creditors.

    The ultimate goal is to have the client's finances brought back into line with their resources and to get them to a state of competency where they are able to leave the program and handle their own finances without outside assistance.

    For more information contact 701-252-1821 or 800-726-8179.

  • Head Start

    Head Start is a comprehensive early childhood program for eligible children 3-5 years old.  Head Start provides educational, medical, dental, nutritional, and mental health services to help children develop socially, emotionally, and cognitively.  Classes are also available for parents.

    There is no cost to any family whose children have been accepted into the Head Start program.

    Center Base Option

    Part-day & full-day classes begin in September and end in May. Breakfast and/or lunch is provided along with a snack depending on class.

    Home Base Option

    The home base option provides comprehensive Head Start services to children and their families primarily in the child's home through intensive work with the child's parents and/or guardian.  The home base option follows the same performance standards and component areas as the center base option.

    We accept applications for both center and home base on a continuous basis.  Enrollment is determined in the spring for the following program year.

    For more information contact 701-252-1821 in Jamestown or 701-845-1108 in Valley City.

  • Individual and Family Services

    Individual Work with Adults, Adolescents & Youth - One on one work, addressing the specific need, such as physical, verbal, emotional & sexual abuse, (past and/or present), relationship issues, play therapy, self esteem, separation or divorce.

    Couple Work - Working on areas of concern as identified by either or both partners, such as trust, communication skills, or relationship issues.

    Family Work - Working with the family on identified areas of concern.  The program is designed to provide individualized assessment & service to assist families in a variety of areas.

  • Weatherization

    The weatherization program helps income eligible people make their houses, mobile homes, and apartments energy efficient.  Staff use state of the art testing equipment to analyze their energy usage and purchase materials needed to reduce their energy costs while maintaining a comfort zone.  Furnaces are checked for safe operation and cleaned if needed.  Weatherization staff are experts at solving energy problems that may be overlooked by the occupant.

    There is no charge for weatherization services for owners.  Landlords are requested to pay a percentage of the material installation cost for their rental property.

    All clients must meet income eligibility guidelines to participate.  All work is subject to final inspection to assure quality workmanship and client satisfaction.

    Church owned property is not eligible for weatherization services.

    Furnace Repair/Replacement

    Furnace repair provides emergency assistance to those households where the furnace has malfunctioned during the heating season.  Repairs can be made by our licensed CAA furnace technician or by a licensed heating contractor the household chooses.  Furnace replacements are considered when existing furnaces pose a health and safety threat to the family.

    Rental property is not eligible for repairs or replacements by our agency.

    Cooling Assistance

    Cooling assistance helps those who require a cooled space in their home during the summer months.  A medical verification is required and the household must meet income guidelines.  Equipment purchased for the house from local suppliers can be a window air conditioner, ceiling fan, or repairing the existing cooling equipment.  Electrical upgrading of the house for cooling equipment to run properly is also eligible.

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